5 year old Jack Russell/Cocker Spaniel Mix

Hi.  My name is Rocco… not to be confused with Rocky, as in Balboa, because I’m totally a lover not a fighter! Because I’m a lover (read that as snuggly lap dog) I like to take care of myself with regular grooming visits that I enjoy. Everyone needs to pamper themselves, am I right? I also really love toys and have a collection of favorites, kind of like humans with movies. They’re my go-to. I almost got a scholarship for college because I’m an excellent sprinter but they found out I was a dog and totally denied me. Now I like to spend my days playing catch, going on hikes, binging Netflix,  and anything involving the car. When thinking about my forever, I think I’d love to be with an active family or being a greeter at a family owned business. I’m great at attracting customers because I do like to greet everyone, though admittedly I’m a little more cautious with men. I like older children and other dogs too. I really enjoy going to doggie daycare and hanging with my peeps.  But my perfect home would be where I can be an indoor dog with piles of toys, abundant affection, and where cruisin’ on foot or in car is a daily occurrence.

If you’d like to meet me, fill out this application here and we’ll set up a date!