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  • Nina’s Wishlist

    On the 6th day of Santa Paws, Nina said to me, “I just want to play with another dog or two or three!” I guess that means she wants a forever home with other dogs to play with for Christmas. Can we share her to help her find it, and maybe get her a giftRead More

    Wallam’s Wishlist

    On the 5th day of Santa Paws, Wallam asked of me, “will there be gifts under my Christmas tree?” I hope the answer is a resounding yes! Wallam found himself in the shelter, on death row, at the tender age of 8 months. Now, living in a cozy foster home, he’s looking for a perfectRead More

    Pixie’s Wishlist

    On the 4th day of Santa Paws, Pixie said to me, “I’ve been the best girl I can be!” And indeed she has. She’s the last of the Fab 4 and is still looking for a forever home. Maybe, just maybe, she’ll get her Christmas miracle. Until then, can some elves help put some presentsRead More

    Raiden’s Wishlist

    On the 3rd day of Santa Paws, Raiden said to me, “I’m so lucky to have my family”. This is Raiden’s 2nd Christmas with his forever foster family. We never thought he’d make it to his first. We are truly blessed to have this big guy still around and thriving. He continues to battle cancerRead More

    Fern’s Santa Paws Wishlist

    On the 2nd day of Santa Paws, Fern asked of me, “When can I get out of boarding”? Fern was dumped in a box before going to the shelter. She hasn’t had the luxury of knowing a foster or a forever home. She penned her Christmas list and hopes to have a foster or foreverRead More

    Panda’s Santa Paws Wishlist

    On the very first day of Santa Paws, Panda said to me… “I’ve been a great girl and still no inquiry”. Well, that just broke our hearts, so we told Panda to write her very own Christmas list and we would deliver it to Santa Paws. She did just that. Maybe Santa Paws’ elves canRead More