Hi. My name is Buddha, like the belly. I’m a senior gentleman who is looking for a new lease on life. I was rescued from the shelter, which was a very scary place, almost 3 years ago – when I was a younger lad. Since then, I’ve been living with what I thought was my forever family, but it turns out, I was wrong. I am now looking for my real forever family – that family that will love me until it’s my turn to cross the bridge. Not until their life circumstances change. Could that family be yours? I promise I won’t disappoint. I’m pretty smart – I wait for permission to eat, I sit before entering a place like home or even the car. Basically, a distinguished gent.
I’m also active, so don’t let my age (I’m about 8) fool you. I like to go on hikes, go to the beach, or even go for a run. Except on Mondays. I like to sleep in on Mondays. I can pull a little on my leash because I am just interested in life and I express it but if you tell me to chill, I will. I’m really into food – I think that’s how I got my name. I love it so much I will work for it. I really thrive in structured environments and prefer a calm, but assertive, pack leader to give that to me. Being that I am a dog – I don’t always make the best decisions so I rely on you to make them for me. Oh, and I like other dogs. At least most of the other dogs I’ve met. Anyway, if this sounds good to you, please inquire about me. I’d love to meet you!
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