About Meldy & Poncho

Meldy (5 yrs, 14lb tan/white spayed mama) and Poncho (4 yr 12lb black/tan neutered son) are two special, bonded pair looking for their forever.  Both were in a home where they were horrendously neglected and abused. They were just “there” crated with no love or attention, sometimes they were fed sometimes not, flea infested and their health was suffering. They went into a loving foster home and are now flourishing.  Both are extremely bonded to each other so much so that when separated, Poncho got really sick and lost a lot of weight. But once they got back together they were happy and Poncho got well. They need to be adopted together. They are still a little skittish and take time to warm up but once they are comfortable, they are love bugs.
They are afraid of brooms, flip flops, and water hoses from previous abuse before being rescued. They will cower if yelled at. They love other dogs big or small. Not sure about cats. They will bark if someone’s at the door or they are super excited. Poncho likes to talk and he is very vocal. Meldy is more reserved. They are potty trained and know how to use a doggy door. They are crate trained. They sleep in their beds. They both walk okay on a leash and are excited when they go for a walk and love car rides. They absolutely deserve getting a wonderful home. If interested or if you have any questions, contact Georgina at 760-898-2371 and leave VM or text.