About Timmy…


Welcome to Timmy’s World! A place where fun rules!

Timmy is a 6 year old, 9 pound Deerhead Chihuahua mix. He was rescued from the shelter, and as expected, was extremely shy. Since coming to live in his foster home, he’s busted out of his shell and is a super sweet, fun boy who has a great personality.

Facts about Timmy and his World

  1. Timmy LOVES car rides! He can do long road trips or short rides—he’s not picky. He doesn’t get car sick at all and only needs a blanket and pillow to be happy.
  2. Like many shelter animals, we don’t know what he endured prior to being turned into the shelter.  His foster noticed he is nervous about being picked up and has guided her to the proper way to do that, whether it’s getting on the couch or getting in the car. He’ll teach you as well.
  3. Timmy LOVES going for walks and walks well on a leash. He gets super excited when he sees the leash come out. He’s the type of boy who loves to smell the flowers on a casual stroll. But he can also break out into a short sprint if you want to get your couch potato body going for just a short distance.
  4. Timmy knows it’s not polite to bark but he gets egged on by his foster siblings when the doorbell rings. Being a good natured, easy going guy, he feels he should join the pack in their warning to all occupants of the house. But everything comes to a halt when the pack leader (foster mama) says “enough!”

5. Timmy loves other dogs so he would thrive in a home with one or two fur siblings. He is a boy of good manners so is very appropriate when he’s greeting his fellow canines.

6. He is a greater partier with adults and would welcome additional younger party participants i.e. children if they have learned not to be wild party goers.  Not sure cats would be good at the party as has not been around them.

7. Timmy is almost completely house-trained. He enjoys learning so with just a little more attention and guidance he should nail it!

Timmy is micro-chipped, vaccinated, and neutered. He currently resides in LA County, but he has transportation available anywhere between Los Angeles and southern Utah (includes Las Vegas). Application, home check required and adoption fee is required. Please contact Maureen at mmssmm88@hotmail.com for questions and to get an adoption application. No doubt at all that Timmy is the perfect family member and would love to be a part of your pack!