About Salem…

Salem: 2 year old Staffordshire Terrier/American Pit Bull Terrier

Hi, I’m Salem, but everyone calls me “momma”. Big momma. Little momma. Miss momma. Why? Because I was abandoned at the shelter when I was very pregnant and I had a litter of 8 puppies while I was there. Thank goodness these kind folks rescued all of us and gave me a nice safe place to raise my pups until they were ready to move out. Then, as luck would have it, I got empty nest syndrome. Really, “empty den” syndrome but that’s not a saying so let’s just ride with it.

I’m currently couch surfing at my daughter’s place and she says it’s cramping her style so I would really like to find a perfect forever home of my own.  When I think about that perfect place, I imagine a nice family that appreciates my lady like manners but isn’t afraid when I have to use my voice (like when I need to warn you about the stranger at the door). I like to think of myself as having the manners of Audrey Hepburn, the looks of Lauren Bacall, and the voice of Kathleen Turner. I’m a bombshell that can seem intimidating. You really have to get to know me to appreciate my depth of character, but I really am a great housemate. I have wonderful table manners, I don’t get on things without invitations, I never give sloppy kisses (though I am quite the lover), and I enjoy a nice stroll in the park at a leisurely pace. Like my foster grandma says, I really am “just the best girl”.

If you’re interested in meeting me, please submit an application because I’d LOVE to meet you!