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  Female. Puppy. Jasmine is the brains of the bunch. If it’s a hot day, she’s the first to find the fan. She is super smart and eager to learn. She loves to play with toys and interact with people. She is a cuddler to the max and a gentle soul. She would do wellRead More


  Female. Puppy. This “italian” girl is the epitome of confident. Isabelle is loving yet fearless, sweet and fun all in one. She is the full package. She would do well in a home with other dogs and children. She is 8 weeks old as of 7/27/2018. If you’re interested in adopting Isabelle, please submit anRead More


  Female. Puppy. Jewel is a happy go lucky girl. She shines as bright as her name suggests. She is a go-getter, eager to learn and conquer obstacles. She is inquisitive and smart. She is a loveable bundle of wiggle. She would do well in a home with other dogs and children. She is 8Read More


  Female. Puppy. Kayla is the definition of a lover. She loves to give muzzle snuggles and kisses. She is super gentle when it’s time to be but full of spunk when she’s being her free spirited self. She would do well in a home with other dogs and children. She is 8 weeks old asRead More


  Male. Puppy. Gino is the volunteer favorite. He likes to lay froggy style and chill in the sun. He’s the most mature of the litter, trying to set an example for his siblings. He is a lover and a cuddler, not too masculine to show his sensitive side. He would do well in a homeRead More


  Male. Puppy. Petey the sweetie. He is an 8 week old (as of 7/27/2018) bundle of mischievous love. His favorite activity is playing with toys. He loves to give kisses and show his affection. He is just getting used to a collar and being a big boy. He would do well in a homeRead More


  Male. Puppy. Alvin packs a large bark in his little body. He’s a great house guard dog in the making – he’ll save you from the mailman and solicitors! He is the chunky monkey of the littler with a wrinkly face. He can be stoic at times but is a total love bug. He wouldRead More


  Puppy. Male. Albert is the vocal one of the group. He loves having conversations with his momma and practicing his bark. He is the most playful of the bunch and loves his toys… he is a toy fanatic. He is the fearless puppy wonder. As of 7/27/2018, he is 8 weeks old. He would doRead More


  Female. Adult. This momma, just a puppy herself (estimated to be a little over a year as of 7/27/2018), has been a wonderful momma to her 8 puppies. But now is the time for her to stop taking care of them and look out for herself. She is a pocket pittie mix with aRead More