Coco is a healthy mellow 6 year old lab mix. She comes from a loving family home with small children and small dogs. Her family lost their home and is the only reason why they can’t keep her. A very gentle mellow dog that loves long walks and smelling flowers.

Coco loves children of all ages and is very calm. She’s good with little dogs and big dogs alike. She is a little bit of a bed hog and enjoys being tucked in under the blankets. Lazy saturdays and sundays are her favorite. She loves watching TV – The Lion King is her favorite movie. She loves shopping for her and for you she gets excited to see all the new things you bring home. Like any girl she loves makeup including purple eyeshadow and getting her nails painted and playing dress up with tutus and tiaras but not to worry she can be one of the boys and play cops and robbers and tag and hide and seek.

Coco knows all her basic commands is potty trained and crate trained but does good in the home without a crate. Like any true California girl she loves the beach and laying out in the sun, going on hikes and swimming in any water supply. She would do amazing in a home with small children or an elderly couple looking for someone to baby but any family home would be perfect for her she fits right in.

If you are interested in sweet Coco, please fill out an application today!