About Billie…

9 year old Terrier/Chihuahua. Male. Neutered. Microchipped. Vaccinated.


Hello. I’m Billie. Bill. Little mister. Pest (if you ask my foster sister – we have a sibling rivalry but she doesn’t know I’d follow her to the moon and back if she let me). I’m a senior citizen who might be able to share my discounts with you! Does that sound appealing? Everyone wants to save a buck, right? I’m a little dog, they tell me, but I feel quite big. So big that I was the volunteer favorite when I was at the shelter. I’m a volunteer favorite at this rescue too but I have to admit, I’m a little jaded by you humans. I used to be so trusting, and maybe na├»ve, but I’ve hardened over the years. I have learned that respect and trust is earned and I hope you have the desire to earn it. Once I give it, it’s amazing. I’ll be your best supporter and biggest fan. There are two ways to really win me over: walks and food. If you combine the two… HEAVEN! Oh, and I have a thing for remote control hoarding. But at least you’ll always know where they are, am I right?

I’m looking for a home with a patient human and maybe her patient 4-legged companion. I like my fellow furries provided they let me be me and don’t get annoyed by me. I know that’s a tough order but I think I’ve earned it. I really am the best little dog once you get to know me and let me be a big dog. You should take a chance on me and I will take a chance on you. Who knows, it could just be magic

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