Meet Chester! He is an amazingly happy pup given all that he has gone through. He was kept in the garage all day, then at night he was put outside to run the neighborhood and fend for himself. The neighborhood kids kicked him and threw things at him. No one loved him, no one wanted him. In the words of the owners “we want him gone.”

A concerned person got the owners to surrender him and K9 Kismet found a fabulous foster for him. He is safe now, never ever to be in harm’s way again.
Chester is about 1.5 years, and needs to gain weight because he’s only 11lbs! He is dog and kid friendly, cats unknown. He is smart-as-whip, quiet, polite little boy. Since he lived outside, his foster and her dogs are helping him with his  house training.
We know he does not like McDonald’s burgers, likes his car rides, enjoys a nice soft bed next to a warm human body, has discovered the fine art of playing with squeeky toys,  and went to his first doggy birthday party. He deserves to be spoiled and is so grateful to everyone.
Don’t wait to put in your application to adopt this amazing little boy.
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