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Peyton is the perfect puppy! She is always super happy to see her people! We are always greeted with kisses, hugs, tail wagging, and jumping (which she quickly stops  as soon as she is corrected).

She loves being in the mix of things, is great with people, big and small. She is fostered with a bullmastiff/dane mix, a pit/lab mix, and 2 cats, and gets along well with all of them.She is a ball of energy and tires them all out before she is done playing.
Peyton's  leg doesn't slow her down one bit! She loves playing ball, (is still learning to drop it so you can throw again, loves playing tug of war, just LOVES playing!

Payton is learning new stuff as she grows. So far, she comes when called. sits on command, learning to lay down. We are working on leash training with her at the moment. She is super smart, and needs to have lots of toys to chew on and play with. She is all puppy and responds well to posotive reinforcement.
Peyton would adapt in any home environment  but would love to see her have kids to play with and other fur family. She is so social another dog would be great if given the opportunity not older than 6 as peyton tires those around her

I can't wait to meet you!

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