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3 year old Pointer/American Bulldog. Female. Spayed. Vaccinated. Microchipped. 

Hi. I'm Panda. Yeah, I know. They weren't that creative naming me after a black and white animal. I make sure I stand out in other ways, like with my exuberance. I don't remember much of my early puppy days and really don't feel it defines me anyway. I like to live in the moment. Or "live out loud" some would say. I've done some time, I must admit. I was in a high kill shelter before being moved to a minimum security joint, I mean, shelter. I became part of the 3rd chance program at Irvine. That means they found someone to rescue me. Now I'm looking for my 4th chance... my forever. I prefer a home with active adults with previous dog experience who like long walks or hikes. I'm really smart and like to "work" for my family: obedience training is fun for me. And I already have a head start thanks to Brian Agnew of the Balanced Dog Training. I'm sure you've heard of him. I'm totally name dropping because he's famous. If you adopt me you must meet him. It's kind of part of my package. You'll love him, I promise. Anyway, back to me... and you. If you're my person, you'll know that I love belly rubs and butt scratches. I enjoy being in my crate and sleep in it at night. I'd love a home with other dogs because I like being part of a pack. I'll do my business outside, but please have a high gate because I totally have hops. I love walks, I think I mentioned that, and do totally awesome on a leash. I just need a little direction now and again. I have moments of excitement because I just love life but I can also be really chill. I am getting more chill as I get older, truth be told. I have no gray yet and I'd like to keep it that way! I'm currently in boarding where I go on pack hikes and am the resident dog whisperer but I'd love to crash on your couch until I find a new one or yours becomes my forever. Inquire within!


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