***FOSTER NEEDED*** My name is Belinda, but everyone calls me Lindy for short. Some people call me Lindy the black beauty. I was rescued from the Riverside shelter in 2015. I was sent there after being found wandering the streets. I don’t know how long I wandered but I was still pretty healthy when I arrived to the shelter. The shelter was a stressful place, but fortunately for me, I got to have a cell mate that I could cuddle with and play with. She was my best friend. But I started getting sick at the shelter. I would cough so fitfully I would throw up. That wasn’t very fun. So I became urgent and was put on the kill list. Lucky for me, some people noticed me and found me a home that I could stay at for a while – you know, couch surf – until I can find my new forever home.

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I really like other dogs, except when they get near my food. Don’t they know a beauty needs to eat? I was living with 2 other dogs and I loved it. I got to play and snuggle with them. They treated me like I was their real sister. One of them died and our mom brought in a new dog. He didn't like me so I had to move. I had no where to go, so I ended up in boarding. I then moved into another foster home where I got to play with my foster sister and hang out with some humans while they pump iron in the living room. My most favorite thing though, aside from helping my humans get fit, is watching kids and especially playing with them. I might be a big girl, but I can be super gentle with the little humans. I was adopted before the holidays but now my hu-mom says she can't keep me anymore. It makes me very sad but I know that I will find my real family soon. I am looking for a new family that will let me be part of their active lifestyle. Maybe yours?

I can't wait to meet you!

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