Hi, I'm Bruce; as in Bruce Wayne, but much cooler. I'm about 7-8 years young (as of 8/17) and looking for a new lease on life. I have been an outdoor dog for all my life until I was dumped all alone at the Department of Water and Power. Someone saw me and I was picked up and taken to a place called the shelter. I was pretty mellow there and was just waiting for my angels to find me. And they did, even before I was made available. I knew they were watching over me because one of them was my neighbor when I lived on a cement driveway, uncared for and unloved. She noticed I was gone one way and the hunt was on. Boy, am I glad they found me.

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I am currently having some medical issues, which these nice people are taking care of one-by-one. I had a UTI, which is pretty much gone. Now they can tackle some of my other things - like my knee that needs surgery. Problem is, I don't have a home where I can spend my time healing. I am in boarding, which is ok because nice people take me out for walks and belly rubs every day, but it's not the same. I need a home where I can be inside in quiet environment. Since they found me, I have been house trained and crate trained. I prefer to be the only dog so I can get all the love I want and missed out on for the first part of my life. Maybe you're the one? My angels will pay for all of my needs... medical, food, toys. I just need you.

I can't wait to meet you!

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