Bella has made her way "home". From where you ask? The mid-west. You see, as a puppy, Bella belonged to a family. The humans in the family couldn’t stay together. One of the members took Bella and sold her to a breeder. As a puppy herself, she was forced to breed over and over again. Over the course of her 6-yr life, she was sold to 3 different breeders. Meanwhile, her original human mom was tracking her and trying to buy her freedom. She was finally able to, with the help of volunteers, raise enough money to pay the breeder for Bella’s rights and get her transported back here. Unfortunately, her human mom was not able to keep Bella and has enlisted our help to find Bella a new forever family. Bella is now spayed and will never have to worry about breeding again. She is ready for a new home with other dogs and kids. She currently lives with two boys and seems to like them equally! She has also lived with both boy and girl dogs. Oh, but cats… she hates them. To adopt this low rider wiggly girl, contact us at or better yet, fill out and submit an application.


Ever wonder why people name dogs the way they do? This one has a story. We had recently lost one of our rescue dogs to aggressive cancer. We wanted to save another in her honor. We were tagged on Destiny’s thread while she was in the shelter. She was named Cha Cha, but she was more than that. It was Destiny that she came into our lives while we were looking for another dog to help. Destiny was rescued from the Baldwin Park shelter as a hospice foster. She had multiple growths throughout her body; we just knew she wouldn’t be around long and we couldn’t let her die in the shelter. Fast forward 9 months… she’s still with us. Not only is she here, she is thriving. She is cancer free now but does battle allergies. But she doesn’t let it get her down. She is still playful, learning tricks (like catching treats), and working on getting everyone to fall in love with her. She still has a lot of love to give. She’s special needs (allergy treatments). We don’t know what the future will bring, but we’d love to find her a forever family before it’s too late. This beauty is about 6-7 years young and ready to love. To adopt this pretty senior, contact us at or better yet, fill out and submit an application.


***FOSTER NEEDED*** Hi, I'm Boscoe. I was once named something else but decided I wanted a new name to help me get on the road to a new life. I think Boscoe suits me, what do you think? What kind of life would I want to leave behind? One where was being kept in the back yard, watching day in and day out while my humans enjoyed life inside a home without me. I slowly starved while they ate their meals together. I sat on cement and watched, hoping they would give me some attention... some love... some food. A family member visited them and I caught her eye. She cried. She reached out to some good people and they came to pick me up. Since then, I have put on some weight and had a surgery. They called it a neuter. I don't know what that means, but I feel a little less manly now. I am now living in a home where they let me inside with their other dogs. Oh, and Grandma is my favorite person. They all love me, but I know this is not my new life. This is just my rest stop on my journey. My family says they are fostering me. I like fostering but I would love for a family to take me home forever.

If you’re interested in adopting, please contact  Download the adoption application here!