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Listen to the story of this low-rider little lady – once upon a time, Bella belonged to a family. But as happens oh-too-often, that family was unhappy and split up, and Bella’s dad sold Bella, who was still just a puppy, to a breeder. For six grueling years, Bella was bred repeatedly by 3 different breeders. Bella’s mom never lost hope and finally tracked her down. With the help of some kind volunteers, she raised enough money to buy Bella back, even though she could not keep her. Bella has now been spayed so she will never have to worry about breeding again. She is so ready for a forever home; will it be yours? Bella is crate trained, house broken and knows her basic commands, like sit, stay and heel. She loves cuddling and snuggling. She’s also great with kids! To adopt this low rider wiggly girl, contact us at or better yet, fill out and submit an application.



Ever wonder why people name dogs the way they do? This one has a story. K9 Kismet had recently lost a dog to aggressive cancer and wanted to save another in her honor. Destiny was at the shelter and we saw she was happy, she was playful, and she was beautiful but needed major medical care. It was destiny that she came into our lives while we were looking for another dog to help, and so Destiny became her name. 

Fast forward from when we rescued her...she’s still with us. Not only is she here, she is thriving. She had surgery and is cancer free now (many of her growths turned out to be benign) but does battle allergies, mostly to grass (which she loves!) so she needs allergy drops twice a day. Destiny is about 7 years young at the time of this post, playful, house trained, crate trained (although she doesn't need to be in a crate at all), knows basic commands, and absolutely loves toys and belly rubs (often at the same time). You can leave her alone without any problems. Or you can spend the day with her, and enjoy watching her play with her toys. 

She very much needs a forever home. To alleviate any concerns, the rescue will pay for all medical expenses for the rest of her life when you forever foster Destiny. She would love to be in a mature home with your sole attention as an only child. If you would like more information, contact, or better yet, fill out and submit an application.


Hi, I'm Boscoe. I was once named something else but decided I wanted a new name to help me get on the road to a new life. I think Boscoe suits me, what do you think? What kind of life would I want to leave behind? One where was being kept in the back yard, watching day in and day out while my humans enjoyed life inside a home without me. I slowly starved while they ate their meals together. I sat on cement and watched, hoping they would give me some attention... some love... some food. A family member visited them and I caught her eye. She cried. She reached out to some good people and they came to pick me up. Since then, I have put on some weight and had a surgery. They called it a neuter. I don't know what that means, but I feel a little less manly now. I am now living in a home where they let me inside with their other dogs. Oh, and Grandma is my favorite person. They all love me, but I know this is not my new life. This is just my rest stop on my journey. My family says they are fostering me. I like fostering but I would love for a family to take me home forever.


***FOSTER NEEDED*** My name is Belinda, but everyone calls me Lindy for short. Some people call me Lindy the black beauty. I was rescued from the Riverside shelter in 2015. I was sent there after being found wandering the streets. I don’t know how long I wandered but I was still pretty healthy when I arrived to the shelter. The shelter was a stressful place, but fortunately for me, I got to have a cell mate that I could cuddle with and play with. She was my best friend. But I started getting sick at the shelter. I would cough so fitfully I would throw up. That wasn’t very fun. So I became urgent and was put on the kill list. Lucky for me, some people noticed me and found me a home that I could stay at for a while – you know, couch surf – until I can find my new forever home. I really like other dogs, except when they get near my food. Don’t they know a beauty needs to eat? I was living with 2 other dogs and I loved it. I got to play and snuggle with them. They treated me like I was their real sister. One of them died and our mom brought in a new dog. He didn't like me so I had to move. I had no where to go, so I ended up in boarding. I then moved into another foster home where I got to play with my foster sister and hang out with some humans while they pump iron in the living room. My most favorite thing though, aside from helping my humans get fit, is watching kids and especially playing with them. I might be a big girl, but I can be super gentle with the little humans. I was adopted before the holidays but now my hu-mom says she can't keep me anymore. It makes me very sad but I know that I will find my real family soon. I am looking for a new family that will let me be part of their active lifestyle. Maybe yours?


***FOSTER NEEDED*** Panda is a 1 year old (as of 8/17) Pointer/Pibble dog that lives out loud; there will never be a boring moment with her in your household. She bursts onto the scene with her enthusiasm and spirited personality.
Adventurous. Energetic. Bold. Playful. All words that describe Panda.

She was rescued from the Irvine Shelter this past February. While in the shelter she became a staff and volunteer favorite because of her playful personality and her ability to get along with most all of the dogs.

Panda has been working on her impulse control and basic dog manners with Brian Agnew, from The Balanced Dog training center. The ideal home is with a family who has an active life style and who will continue to work with her on all the things she learns. Fostering or adopting comes with lifetime access to Brian to help Panda stay the superstar that she is. A huge plus is that Panda enjoys the company of dogs and loves her playtime with them. Panda would do best in a home with dogs that are good mentors or as an only dog. She prefers not to have children or cats in the home.

Panda is ready to go, and all it takes is you!


Stewie is a 13-lb Jack Russell Terrier, 8-10 years old. He’s housetrained and knows how to use a doggy door. He likes to sleep in his own doggy bed next to his person’s and is crate trained. Stewie is usually well behaved and obedient, responding well to “come” and “no.” As JRTs are known for their stubborn nature, he’s working on perfecting “sit” and long “stays” (he knows exactly what to do, he just sometimes chooses not to). He is high energy and requires daily exercise; his current routine is walking 2-3 miles per day. He also loves to play with toys, especially tennis balls and can burn up some of that energy with a good game of tug-of-war. Stewie is okay on leash, but is working on his social skills when it comes to other dogs and some humans. He also doesn’t care for skateboards or bicycles whizzing by. Stewie gets along well with the resident JRT mix but doesn’t engage in play with her (although she would like him to). He also lives with cats. He likes them and is usually good around them, but will chase them down hard if they run from him. Stewie is also working on some separation anxiety. He is affectionate and will follow you from room to room. He is a very good watchdog but is working on his manners when people come to the door. Stewie would be best with someone who is familiar with his breed characteristics. I refer to him as the “biggest little dog you’ll ever meet.”


It's time!!! Charlie is ready for his new home! Look how handsome he is! What took so long you might ask? Charlie had some recovery to do. He was found by a good Samaritan in Long Beach with quite the laceration on his leg. The wound was so bad, it actually cut through his ACL, so Charlie underwent 2 surgeries - one to repair the wound and one to repair the ACL. After some crate rest and a lot of love, Charlie is ready to find his forever.

Charlie can be a little shy at first but warms up quickly. He is great with other dogs with proper intro, walks well on a leash, house trained, crate trained, loves to play!

He's come such a long way since we rescued him from the shelter and he deserves the very best mature family as an only fur child. Bully breed experience a must.



My name is Diana and I'm approximately 1.5 old.

I was rescued with my brother and mother from a high kill shelter. We all found our happily ever after. Except now my owner has decided to move and I was the odd one out. Just like that. She leaves without me. I'm so heartbroken but I need to focus on getting a new family. Thank goodness the rescue opened their arms to me, but I need a place to live.

I'm a very loving, gentle, and funny dog. I enjoy playing fetch (still getting the "giving it back" part down), long walks, car rides, & observing everything around me. When I'm feeling lazy, I like to cuddle or lay around. I like looking at fireworks, eating citrus fruits, & I love avocados. When I sleep, I snore. I don't like rain and I like to explore. Because of my beautiful white coat, I need sunscreen or a t shirt when I go to the beach, because I will sunburn.

I'm pretty good at not jumping on furniture, but I do love beds. I'm house broken, and well mannered for the most part, not much of a beggar. Oh, and I am crate trained. I like to be close so sometimes I will sit on you, but I'm only 40 lbs... that's like a lap dog right? I get along well with humans but probably not small children as I am big and energetic and might be a bit much for them. I don't have any dog siblings right now, but would be open to seeing how it works out with a slow introduction.

I hope you will schedule a meet and greet with me.


***FOSTER NEEDED*** Hi, I'm Bruce. As in Bruce Wayne, but only cooler. I'm about 7-8 years young (as of 8/17) and looking for a new lease on life. I have been an outdoor dog for all my life until I was dumped all alone at the Department of Water and Power. Someone saw me and I was picked up and taken to a place called the shelter. I was pretty mellow there and was just waiting for my angels to find me. And they did, even before I was made available. I knew they were watching over me because one of them was my neighbor when I lived on a cement driveway, uncared for and unloved. She noticed I was gone one way and the hunt was on. Boy, am I glad they found me. I am currently having some medical issues, which these nice people are taking care of one-by-one. I had a UTI, which is pretty much gone. Now they can tackle some of my other things - like my knee that needs surgery. Problem is, I don't have a home where I can spend my time healing. I am in boarding, which is ok because nice people take me out for walks and belly rubs every day, but it's not the same. I need a home where I can be inside in quiet environment. Since they found me, I have been house trained and crate trained. I prefer to be the only dog so I can get all the love I want and missed out on for the first part of my life. Maybe you're the one? My angels will pay for all of my needs... medical, food, toys. I just need you.


Hi! My name is Cooper and I am 5 years old male German Shepard mix. I love belly rubs, cuddling, going on long walks, playing with my chew toys, and going on car rides. I was in a shelter for a long time before K9 Kismet picked me up, so I need an owner who can be patient and help me learn to be more social. I prefer a home with adults and no cats. I'm pretty obedient (I know "sit," "no," and "come"), am house trained, and I'm definitely an old(er) dog that can learn new tricks! Will you help me and be my forever home?


****FOREVER FOSTER NEEDED*** Hi! I’m Mabel! My friends also know me as Mabeleen, Mabel Moo & Mabel Baby. I am approximately 10 years young and I am a spunky and sassy lady! I am spayed, current on all my vaccines and microchipped. I LOVE , LOVE , LOVE, LOVE everyone I meet! I love to cuddle and snuggle, wiggle my booty and dance! Yes I can dance and it's pretty darn adorable! I love my naps, my big soft beds and my wubbies (toys). I love car rides, short walks and spending time with people and I LOVE peanut butter! Treats of any kind are my favorite of course! So what's the catch you ask? I do not like other animals so I need to be your only fur kid, but I'm a great friend and one is all you really need, right? Look, I’ve been through a whole lot in my life and most of it is pretty darn sad. But I’m ready to put it all behind me and spend my remaining years feeling good, having a great time and getting tons of love! I am looking for a very special person or family to help me live my golden years in a happy, loving, fun home. I have tons of love and laughs to give you. Would you like to be my forever person? If so, please talk to the nice ladies that saved me.


Peyton is the perfect puppy! She is always super happy to see her people! We are always greeted with kisses, hugs, tail wagging, and jumping (which she quickly stops  as soon as she is corrected). 

She loves being in the mix of things, is great with people, big and small. She is fostered with a bullmastiff/dane mix, a pit/lab mix, and 2 cats, and gets along well with all of them.She is a ball of energy and tires them all out before she is done playing. 
Peyton's  leg doesn't slow her down one bit! She loves playing ball, (is still learning to drop it so you can throw again, loves playing tug of war, just LOVES playing! 
Payton is learning new stuff as she grows. So far, she comes when called. sits on command, learning to lay down. We are working on leash training with her at the moment. She is super smart, and needs to have lots of toys to chew on and play with. She is all puppy and responds well to posotive reinforcement. 
Peyton would adapt in any home environment  but would love to see her have kids to play with and other fur family. She is so social another dog would be great if given the opportunity not older than 6 as peyton tires those around her

***Courtesy Post*** ***Foster Needed*** Hi, I'm Rosie. I'm the cutest little nugget you'll ever meet. I was rescued by my guardian angel from Orange County Animal shelter. There was no home for me to go to so I've been chilling out at boarding for the last few months. You may have seen me surfing in my pink tutu at the OC Pet Expo in April. If not, you should go check out my video. I am looking for a foster or forever home with no cats or small animals. I like dogs that are my size or bigger - I like to feel petite. I love going on walks and will kill you with kisses if you let me. Can I come home with you?


Papillon/Chihuahua mix. Born July 20th. Just over 2lbs. This spunky fun girl loves romping with her siblings. She was the 1st to learn how to get on the
couch. A bit shy around big dogs. She's a love and will climb on you for attention. She is not too sure about toys yet. Loves to kiss or nibble your
nose. Check her siblings who are also up for adoption.


Dachshund mix. Born July 20th. Just over 4 lbs. This brindle boy is hilarious. He's is so goofy! He love to run Doxie zoomies and if you leave laundry out he will parade around proudly with a sock or t-shirt in his mouth. He's the Explorer and calls the shots amongst his siblings. Check out his mama Sadie and siblings who are listed for adoption.



Deluca is a gorgeous 8.5 year old female Staffordshire / Lab mix.  Don't be fooled, she still has tons of puppy energy - she walks over 5 miles per day, loves to play fetch, swim, and play with balanced large breed dogs!  She's also an absolute love with her humans - while inside she's a snuggle bug that loves treats, naps and playing with her toys.  She's well trained, responsive to commands, sleeps on long car rides, and is not a barker.



Sprite is 2-2.5 Years old (as of 11/22/2017) pittie/french bulldog mix weighing about 35 lbs, fully vaccinated, neutered Sprite was originally rescued from LB Animal Control missing all the hair on his back, when he came in it had to be surgically fixed and he had staples down his entire spine. Now he only has a slight scar to show for it. He is a high energy boy who would be happy to be with someone active. He’s good with large dogs but has a high energy play style so he would be best with a dog that can match his energy and provide patience and guidance to a young dog. Sprite would do best in a home with previous bully experience. Prefer larger fur siblings. Sprite is fully house trained, crate trained, leash trained, and knows commands.

If you’re interested in adopting, please contact  Download the adoption application here!